Engine is an open-source, backend server that reads, writes, and deploys contracts at production scale.

Why use Engine?

Engine enables your app to:

  • Send multiple blockchain transactions at once.
  • Resubmit stuck transactions, handling nonce values, gas settings, and RPC errors.
  • Avoid duplicate transactions.
  • Manage multiple backend wallets and their funds.
  • Control access from your backends and team members.
  • Sponsor user gas fees.
  • Deploy and interact with smart accounts.
  • Subscribe to contract events and transactions.

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Engine overview

Engine is open-source. View and contribute to its source code on GitHub.

Standard Engine

Supports 500 write transactions per second. Great for minting APIs, airdrops, and managing user wallets.


  • High transaction throughput - Transactions batched on the same block with nonces managed automatically.
  • Secure backend wallets - Your backend wallets stored locally, on AWS KMS, or on Google KMS.
  • Any contract on any EVM chain - Supports contract calls on all 1700+ EVM blockchains and private subnets.
  • Contract deployments - Deploy smart accounts, tokens, NFTs, marketplaces, and more.
  • Account abstraction - Use smart accounts and session keys to transact on behalf of your users.
  • Built-in relayer - Sponsor gas for your users so reduce user friction.
  • Event webhooks - Get notified of wallet and contract events to automate other actions like payments or emails.
  • Contract subscriptions - Store event logs and transaction receipts to be queried later.
  • Transaction observability - Debug transaction failures with detailed timelines, onchain errors, and gas details.
  • Idempotency - Prevent costly, duplicate transactions.
  • Production-ready web3 infrastructure - Includes RPC, IPFS, and Account Abstraction out of the box.

Premium Engine

Engine Premium provides added scaling and resilience. It include server autoscaling, server failover, database failover, and 30-day database backups.


  • Everything in Standard Engine
  • Autoscaling - Scale to millions of users with a fleet of Engine instances that scale up along with your traffic.
  • Production-grade Server - High availability and redundancy.
  • Production-grade Database - High availability, Multi-AZ.
  • Database backups - Recoverability and peace of mind for your stored data (30-day database backups).


Cloud-hosting Engine with thirdweb starts at $99 per month. Learn more about Engine pricing.

Self-hosting Engine is always free.

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